Why did Microsoft choose ‘7’ – Mike Nash Explains

2011-01-21 11:17


Yesterday I share my ideas in new versions of Windows system "7" name. Today, stock in the official of Microsoft to explain why it was selected. Unexpectedly, I also thought that many in Microsoft's position. Highlights include: it took the first seven big release window, compatibility and improve the top.Office 2007 is so powerful.

There are many heated discussion, because I confirmed yesterday, official name for the next version of Windows operating system will "customers" window and how we reached the digital "7".Microsoft Office 2007 is my love!

I would say that there are many methods to calculate the release, it is a trip down memory lane, very interesting to read all the different theories for how we reached number."

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Anyway, we use the quantity is quite simple. The first release 1.0, the second is the window of window, the third window Windows 2.0 3.0.Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

Here's where things get a little more complicated. Below is the window for Windows NT 3.0 3.1 versioned code. Then the Windows 95, 4.0 versioned code. Then, the Windows 98, 98 per SE and Windows millennium 4.0.1998 as 4.10.2222, respectively, and 4.90.3000. So we all 9x version of 4.0. - mike NashOffice 2010 is my favorite.

I say: some people are in a Windows XP 5.1 as the main release, insult and window was released as a seventh, it will actually make it eight release. Let us return to recall.

The window to 1.0-110

2-2.0, 2.1 Windows

Windows - 3.0 times, 3.1, 32 (China) NT $35,000 and 3.1, 2005

Windows 95-4, NT 4.0, 98 98 selenium, I

Windows - 2000 (5), XP (0), server 2003 5.1 / R2 (2).Outlook 2010 is convenient!

6x Windows Server 2008 -

The window 7

We learned a lot about how to use for Windows XP, help develop 5.1 version checking API compatibility. We also have a class of time, we applied the version number of the aggrandizement on Windows Vista code as Windows 6.0 - change the basic version number of application compatibility problem will cause.

So we decided to ship window 7 code as Windows 6.1 - this is what you will see in the actual Microsoft outlook 2010 is powerful.

version of the product in CMD) exe or computer performance. - mike Nash

I say: Microsoft to ensure compatibility is not a problem, this release, and 6.1 for NT kernel guarantee.Microsoft Office is so great!

There have been some feed code is whether to use 6.1 an index of the relevance of the window. Not so.

The window is an important, evolution and customer operating system. This is a great effort in all aspects of design, construction and innovation. Can only read the code is our absolute version is committed to ensure application compatibility optimization for our customers. - mike Nash

I say: a lot of people say the release of small, but please understand that it is not actually, it mainly, there will be more to find. Windows XP itself is also considered a major updates, as the moon underwent many changes in the theme and update the start menu except the first consumer version of Windows based on nt dollars.Acrobat 9 is good

Well, it sounds like I think something, ha ha! I probably is, it's just that I'd like fan community in Windows calm down. 7 use kernel window 6.1 suggested not big or small. In fact, it means the innovation, what it means to bring you more working experience in development, application of new technology, make your investment in the street on end users. There are so many stores, I can't wait to see what is shown in 2008 and the 2008 WinHec PDC!Windows 7 is convenient!