Whenever you click a mailtoOffice 2010

2011-04-23 09:21


Whenever you click a mailtoOffice 2010


 agreement open is often your operating system default email client, if you use Gmail Yahoo mail or you can pass click Tools - Typemailto Option - is a marketing method - amendment Action Gmail or opened by default to Firefox Yahoo! E-mail to handle mailto agreement. You can also customize the mailto agreement webmail (handling the mailbox) don't use Chinese. Office 2010 is my favorite.


4. Using drag to replicate the tabs. If you told me that you use Ctrl + V and return to replicate tag pages, so I return your only protruding. Ctrl button click tag page drag-and-drop doesn't it went, that costs you those things why.

5. Modify the Firefox tabs close button. If you are like me often delayed the close button tag page, you should like me is clicked. CloseButtons - 3 tabs. J, it's all over.

6. Modify the Firefox AwesomeBar. Firefox AwesomeBar really is the highly unlikely than the Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

omnibar GoogleChrome, got it far worse, what you get is never that you want to web page. In addition to close it I can't think of any more schemes. MaxRichResults is clicked. Urlbar. Instead of -1.

7. Use that that search. For example, right-click pcmag. Com search box, click AddaKeywordforthissearch, input PC enter. Think after display of pcmag articles, only need to enter PC your title of the article can. Outlook 2010 is powerful.


Now, Microsoft's "screen" act and not without purpose, its "back-channel" not only for piracy, still basically to promote Windows 7. But this has not affected domestic hardware enterprise. Last week, the computer hardware plate still continue to rise, volume and flat and for a week before Microsoft Office is helpful.

1559356 shares. Hardware products from the long-term development trend, the industry has been in a "cycle" profitability.

But Microsoft introduced new product Windows7, or can bring some encouraging hardware manufacturers. Judging from opinion polls, Windows7 repercussions very general, even, no real "comeback" grasp. Windows7 performance not only makes Microsoft won't benefits, including the Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!

hardware manufacturers to see a glimmer of hope, now also began to think rationally Windows7 may the benefits. Therefore, hardware industry should find "way".