The TuShen, tokunou Microsoft Office

2011-05-26 17:25


m admitted his is the producer of "panda incense" boy "wuhan. Microsoft Office 2007 is my love!

 He avowed tokunou m LeiLei early with associates in late January felt momentum wrong, has left the article in wuhan, a hotel opened a room about action, now feel report getting tight, back to tidy up thing about the is ready to breakout. Catch group in the hotel will LeiLei tackled immediately. Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.


On 4 February night, xiantao nets prison three road police soldiers respectively, the net "wit" wang lei, and two ZhangShun transmission of the virus important in pursuit of the suspected object.

On February 8, "panda incense" case the main suspect arrested so far, all the police don't know, they go together is the first computer virus deliberately production and communication the criminal cases. Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!


The civil law polyps QQ open-source risk analysis

Abstract: this paper mainly analyzes the polyps QQ software civil legal risk, the author thinks that if involve modification QQ software, software as the function of coral infringe the copyright of the tecent company, Outlook 2010 is powerful.

which constitutes the bundling plug-in behavior of QQ software of unfair competition, but the coral software author cracked QQ software behavior doesn't constitute an infringement commercial secrets of the tecent company, at the same time, Office 2007 is so powerful.

the location of the function display user privacy laws on whether there is any infringement of user though controversial, but obviously does not constitute a crime.