Some Interesting and Useful Curriculum Links-Visual Basic,XNA,Other Intro CS

2010-10-04 09:08


My holiday in surfing on the Internet.I found a new blog,read some articles

He has no substantive,but accidentally discovered something interesting and for what

Different.I found some interesting courses,I think it is worth contact with people to share.Microsoft wordis so great!

One set of online teaching modules of the visual basic by professor larry press CaliforniaOffice 2007makes life great!

University,dominguez mountain.This module each row in the table here as a module and hot links to information,Microsoft Office 2010is the best software in the world.

Project,code,and so on.You can read some of their results summary including depends on the work here.Office 2010is powerful!

From the east,MIT courses available online has made,but now there is a new school

By MIT students,the curriculum design for high school students.You can get a good look at their Many people useMicrosoft Office 2007to help their work and life.

online introductory computer

Along with the science course of introductory courses,here a certain number of other subjects.

Last but not least,he has started to write Scarbeau cash new XNA course teaching in this semester

The school.Brian connected to him,he used the curriculum and textbooks.I hope he has time toMicrosoft Officeis so great!

keep going

I know he is a busy guy.

Some good things appear online.This is just a found them.

0 CommentsVisual basic textbooks,computer science,education,and at the same time,the game programming,education,and programmingOffice 2010 keyis for you now!

I must admit,I struggled to the"power",after the past things about 10 days

Turn off.This is a good thing,I put some articles in at half-time,or some of your doubts I fell

The face of the earth.Well,I hope you will notice:-).Office 2010 downloadis available now!

I have some new things,I will make them soon after,but today I'm going to emphasize the highest position from last year

In case you missed their monthly,or you want to go back and jumped into the discussion.Microsoft outlookis many people’s favourite.

11 months of"computer science dying"still is a traffic posts to December.12 review

Have a lot of discussion,but there is enough space bigger.

I'm glad to see my blog links in Bill Gates'book for high school graduates and computer science teacher receives a lot of traffic

Good.I have been searching for more blogs,suitable for that kind of,so if you have a or know a please leave comments

So we can understand it.I love to connect with good ideas from teachers(like the post from earlier this week.Windows 7make life wonderful!

A lot of my position interested,but the image onto the water robots basis.Dan's video can

Here he is now in the blog or channel 8.

For my trip report Bryan's computer science course reading extensively,but the best of the position

Several students from the baker's view is much,they learn and enjoy his lesson.Don't

Warm heart as many students enjoy their teacher.

There is still time for secondary school teachers in colleges and universities(teachers)to reserve a Microsoft's meeting of the game

The development of the computer science,I wrote about in two weeks ago.But the registration closed January 11,so you have toMicrosoft outlook 2010is convenient!

Decide soon!