"Online to buy a ticket

2011-03-29 14:49


 met fishing sites, to be cheated $5,000, surprisingly this fishing websites to more severe than virus Trojan." Recently, the netizens miss zhang in a "ticket website" website CSN bought low-priced tickets, result just payment finished, found himself account money were turned away. After rising security experts examined, the so-called "China southern site" is actually a fishing Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

websites, hackers in pay money above zhang, account and password are fooled.

Rising download address

Rising security expert introduction, because the summer traveling with increased, and the influence of such grand Shanghai expo, fake airlines and counterfeit ticketing website is increasing, the number of cloud security system in rising only in July intercept such fishing websites 2271 a, users if not carefully when buy tickets to verify, very vulnerable to cheat. Office 2010 is my favorite.

The recently released during the first half of 2010 the rising Internet security report "fishing websites to netizens shows: the harm caused by the first time exceeded trojans, viruses, and existing security software and can't effectively guard against good at fishing websites of fish in troubled waters. Aimed at increasingly rampant fishing websites, rising has launched a huge "cloud security intelligence anti-phishing" plan. The plan integrated "user reports and automatic feedback system," "rising cloud client collection", "phishing site behavior characteristic interception" and "cloud security server automatic processing fishing websites system" technology Microsoft Office is helpful.

etc, can substantially upgraded rising software initiative ability to intercept fishing websites.

According to rising internal sources, and "cloud security intelligence anti-phishing" system into the final compatibility test phase, some achievements have applied to the latest rising full-featured beta version of security software for 2011 and rising personal firewall 2011beta version, these two product has been available for users, and installed free after installation and use WIndowsWindows iPad, genuine opportunity extraction such awards.

According to foreign media reports, well-known blog Mary - Joe • Fletcher (Mary Foley) to obtain documents Joel taubel - that, Microsoft is the development of a new generation of cloud computing programming model and related tools, strengthen its cloud computing strategy. Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!

Fletcher local time on August 18 in blog mentioned in Microsoft research project, called "the Orleans Orleans is a aims to improve the level of abstraction, Orleans new programming model was introduced, the concept of" grains' grains is data storage and consumption unit in the data Outlook 2010 is powerful.

center, can move. Microsoft between goal is to develop a kind of not only suitable for the client, also suit to server-side programming model, simplified code, improve the commissioning of portability "code.

Fletcher found slides also mentions the Volta - Microsoft aims to popularize cloud computing applications development projects. Microsoft researchers Eric • major (Erik Meijer) in 2007, said Office 2007 can make life more better and easier.

"Volta VB spoke out, development Windows software quite difficult, must use c + +. VB release popularized the Windows programming. Like VB make Windows programming popularization and we will publish as new development tools make Web programming popularity."