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2010-11-03 08:47


Chairman, CP of North Carolina /p> p> Alan Keyes has the grassroots support that no other candidate or possible candidate has. Ron Paul

couldn't get the nomination without tearing the Constitution Party apart because of his libertarian views. Chuck Baldwin is a selection made

by a deadlocked convention. Roy Moore is taking up too much time to decide whether to run or not. That leaves Alan Keyes as the nominee of

the Constitution Party and the reason not to stay at home on Election Day. br> -- Michael Skaggs br> Murray, Kentucky /p> p> THERE WAS NO

SARAH THERE br> Re: Robert Stacy McCain's Searching for "Sarah"

Mr. McCain forgot the part where the media/Law Enforcement agencies involved put out that they "feared the worse," meaning that they expected

a Waco type stand off or that the imaginary Sarah Jessop Barlow was already "dead." The media either by their own accord or in conjunction

with LE personnel (aka "leaks") has a long history of trashing the intended victims in advance of what might be called questionable actions.

The same MO was used at Ruby Ridge and Waco with tragic results. Fortunately here no one has died and the state is just doing this "for the

children" as an afterthought. I would expect state officials to bend what ever way required to justify this after the fact in total disregard

of the 4th amendment protections.

LE gets away with this kind of abuse because too many people in this Nation think rights are conditional. "Bad" people don't deserve the same

protections the rest of us take for granted until it's our door being kicked in either by mistake or due to a false claim like this one

apparently was. I point this out not because I have any beliefs or feel sympathy for those at Ruby Ridge, Waco or now Eldorado, but because

the principles upon which all our Constitutional protections are based require a certain restraint or what is called "due process" before a

person or persons are judged worthy of forfeiting their rights as was done here (apparently). Some will make light of this because these are

"bad" people. Really?