Jinshan drug gangsters

2011-03-29 15:03


security expert introduction, users once download and open the name "QQ" virus region.based plugins, compressed package want to speculative help stealing food herding of words, will come back unhappy. Microsoft Office is so great!

LiTieJun says, and spread "women will see" virus is consistent, QQ region.based on the virus also copy of digital signature, DAEMON Tools detailed information, check signature will find signature is invalid.

"This virus authors commit crime process still slick, attackers first used stolen QQ number login, upload the virus, reuse of sharing brush QQ group Shared download times of tools, allow the virus to become popular downloads, increase the possibility of netizens downloaded poisoning." Jinshan Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

drug gangsters security experts LiTieJun said.

August 17, the food and drug administration concentrated exposure "the kidneys and 58 flavour of 33 kinds of counterfeit drugs such as capsules and request provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities within the jurisdiction of the competent department of related to strengthen enterprise, institution supervision and inspection, once discover, immediately be investigated. However, figures showed that due to the strong concealment of online black pharmacies are difficult to manage and nearly 2 million yuan each year the black medicine will through online channels of distribution. Can the company recently launched a cattle intercept the function of The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

online black drugstore, when users access to the web without qualification, file will be alert, cattle to prevent users yesterday.

"Black drugstore" full, harm was heavy network, has aroused state food and drug administration and the social from all walks of life extensive attention. But because the forensics and enforcement of difficulty, online black drugstore, long-standing, many black repeatedly hit on file after such limelight and immediately by transform domain name, can change the IP address and other means to disguise, continue to cheat.

Yahoo will for iPad users to release a version of the yahoo mail service them. The new iPad Office 2007 is so powerful.

launch for the yahoo mail service now through built-in Safari browser to all users.

Yahoo mail them by the local cache them version function. Therefore, when you have no connection to the Internet, you can also access and search for information.

For iPad optimization yahoo mail service allows users to search the E-mail attachments received news, images and files. You can also on the left column light-box see photos accessories. Microsoft Office 2007 is my love!