Facing the Enemy<4>

2011-01-15 11:15


p>Proud Parents, br> -- I happened to read James Taranto's piece on Mr. Jett's op-ed. I enjoyed it much, as I do most of Mr. Taranto's humor.

But, Mr. Lord's analysis and debunking of Mr. Jett's feckless political nonsense is ever better. Mr. Lord presented a fact-based rebuttal Office 2007 key is available here.

that was at once humorous and ruthlessly insightful. Mr. Lord's reference to famous defeatists like McClellan, Lindbergh, McGovern, Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!

Chamberlain and Laval was very good. Mr. Lord's recounting of the sequence of events in the early to mid-1930s was truthful and accurate.

Finally, Mr. Lord's analysis and rejection of the notion that foreigners have more knowledge and Office 2007 download is on sale now!

better judgment about history and world

affairs than American statesmen was excellent.

p>Very Good! br> -- Doug Santo br> Pasadena, California /p> p> Mr. Lord's writing helps to relieve much anxiety and give great comfort. It is

good to know that such a brilliant mind as his is on the side of the "good guys." br> -- Jim Jackson /p>

When Jeffrey Lord was a White House "political director" the existential threat to America consisted in roughly four Soviet thermonuclear By using Office 2010 Professional, you can save your money and time.

warheads or atomic bombs for every county in the nation. When Jeffery Lord was an infant, it consisted in Axis forces comprising millions of Microsoft outlook is great!

troops, and thousands of ships and warplanes of a tripartite alliance supported by colonial resources captured from several of the greatest

empires the world has ever known, and one of the nations in that axis being the acknowledged technological superior of Great Britain.I love Office 2010 !

Along comes a senior diplomat with service on three continents to remind us of the difference between that constellation of forces and

nineteen fanatics with box cutters throwing one hell of a sucker punch at our less than vigilant nation. What does Mr. Lord do that Ronald Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!

without a country reviled by most of his own

coreligionists as a justification for a greater diminution of liberty than the late President would ever propose or tolerate.

p>This really will not do, for the impression of invincible innumeracy conveyed by Mr. Lord's first few hundred words is merely confirmed by

the pages of self-justification that follow. Others have made Ambassador Jett's case more cogently, but this is the weakest, longest, and

least compelling defense of a bad historical analogy I have seen so far this year. br> -- John and Barbara Carper br> High Point, North

Carolina /p> p> As the father of only three but the sibling to nine, I remember one of my dad's favorite comebacks to one particularly rude adobe Acrobat

woman who was shocked and offended when hearing he had ten children. He calmly told her that the minute he figured out what was causing it he

put a stop to it. By the way, when people ask me if my parents having ten children was too much I emphatically respond no... since I was

number 10! br> -- Robert Brennan br> Van Nuys, California /p> p> Blessings to you, your wife, and your precious children. My wife and I Acrobat 9

happily conceived, bore, and raised 8 gifts from God that will contribute to this country as much as your children will. For those who

believe in the overcrowded Earth and are bent on breeding themselves into extinction, there are plenty of indicators to the contrary, like

the empty states of Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, etc. Birth control, if that were a worthy goal (and it isn't), only works if EVERYBODY

does it (and they aren't). I delight in every one of my kids. I did have to beg my tired wife for the Windows 7 is inexpensive and helpful.

youngest. And my youngest is quite glad

that I did. br> -- David Shoup br> Dublin, Georgia /p> I love Office 2010 !

While I applaud your confidence in your belief that your kids will turn out to be good, productive citizens, anybody can see that almost all

of the world's problems are due in some degree to overpopulation. Resources are exhausted more rapidly, Food supplies are strained and Outlook 2010 is convenient!

pollution is slowly killing the planet.