Cool dog XieZhenYu music CEO

2011-03-29 14:56


In the speech, Mr XieZhenYu face the music about cool dog billions of dollars of big market will have a series of pay attention to user experience movements, the various music needs of users, and subdividing customize different kinds of music content active push, these services will have music Microsoft Office is so great!

community, the music service, clouds music service, etc., and another measure is based on the most important single or songs download month charge service.

What a computer virus is popular, and recent research breakthrough what would let us network more secure, and the future development trends of the safety technology in IT what course to follow? For these past we find IT difficult to insight IT security fields, the depth events and will The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

soon in the new electronic magazine Secureview "English find satisfactory answer.

IT security field as a non-profit quarterly Secureview ", "by Europe's biggest information security solutions provider - kaspersky lab in recently issued, facing readers not only including IT Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

professionals, technical manager, security professionals, including all of the computer security interests, ordinary users to popularize knowledge and improve IT security IT security consciousness of the public. According to understand, this magazine with the latest development of IT security field and trend as the main content, hold concurrently to hot issues sharp Microsoft Office 2007   is welcomed by the whole world.

unscramble. Among them, the latest information bar will provide IT security report, r&d breakthrough and expert views; Special report column for the major events will be detailed and in-depth analysis; Analysis articles column will invite some famous experts will its profound ideas and share; Interview column for provides readers with a knowledge of all sorts of threats and authoritative experts IT security problem; the garden views and comments Outlook is focused on prediction column of online threats and future development of protection means; In the meantime, "Secureview magazine issue also includes an essay headline reports, used to talk of IT security industry events and the latest trends. No matter from which Angle, kaspersky "Secureview magazine IT security field was a" vane ". Office 2007 makes life great!