Auto Worker Comeuppance<2>

2011-01-04 09:13


GM management should have confronted the union thugs a long time ago. I say thugs because that's what the union is. Face it, UAW members have

relatively low education and their skill levels are low. The fact is that they could be replaced rather Office 2007 makes life great!

simply if a free market was in play.

But it isn't. In the past, what kept the Big Three from moving aggressively to protect themselves from being eaten away by the UAW is that

the union basically had a license allowing for criminality and violence. This was the legacy of the long reign of Democratic Party dominance The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

in Washington starting in 1933 until the mid '90s.

p>This latest labor contract will do little to help GM. Its high cost structure is still there, and moreMany people like Microsoft Office.

 tellingly, the union has not been

broken as it has to be if the patient to survive. If GM was serious about a turn around, it would declare bankruptcy and abnegate the union

contracts and start fresh. Anything else is wishful thinking. br> -- Peter Skurkiss br> Stow, Ohio /p>

Actually, there is a fourth option, albeit also known as the "nuclear option." The beauty is in its simplicity and elegance.Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.

Tomorrow, the three horsemen -- GM, Ford, and Chrysler -- shall shutter all component and final assembly plants and relocate those labor-

intensive operations to India and China forthwith: facilities and workers are standing by. The simplicity is akin to ripping a band-aid off Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

an already-mestastized abrasion. The elegance is two-fold: first, killing the union albatross hanging around the companies' collective necks;

and second, becoming competitive in a global market by leveraging the low-cost, moderate-skilled Office 2007 Professional is very good!

labor currently in supply.

The concept at issue is called "comparative advantage." There is no longer a comparative advantage in keeping low to no-value cost centers in

the U.S. if those same cost centers can be undercut by overseas competitors.

This now frees the automakers to fully concentrate on the only value-creation process available to Office 2007 key is available here.

them (based on their industry) in the

United States -- R&D. Since the mid-'90s, the U.S. has transformed, at warp speed, from a post-industrial economy, to a knowledge-based

economy. Those who have transformed successfully are now reaping the rewards. Those who did Office 2007 download is in discount now!

not (automakers, computer manufacturers, and in

the past, buggy whip manufacturers) established a history of multiple-quarters in the red.

Divest high-expense operations in the States; re-establish those operations in low-cost countries; throw the unions a big wet kiss; and give

Congress a big "Thank You" on behalf of those who want to establish the card vote.

p>Waiting the "next 5-10 years" is a sure-fire losing strategy. br> -- Owen H. Carneal, Jr.

West Covina, California /p> p> DRUGS ARE CRIMINAL br> Re: Christopher Orlet's Draining the Romance out of Drugs : /p> p>The very first act of

the potential addict is to break the law against the use of controlled substances. He is a criminal first, even in this first act of becoming Microsoft outlook is many people’s favorite.

an addict. That is why I have always opposed the use of any tax-payer funds in "treating" addicts. With all the talk of "amnesty" for illegal

immigrants let's also talk with equal fervor about "amnesty" for drug addicts, which has been government policy for decades. Dalrymple is

absolutely right in his assessment and policy makers should take note. br> -- Rose Storey /p>

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