A customer background

2011-03-29 15:01


Cnooc and trust Co., LTD is by China national offshore oil corporation and China citic group company jointly invested in and established state-owned non-bank financial institution, registered capital is 12 million yuan RMB. By the end of 2009, the company management entrusted assets Many people like Microsoft Office.

balance 1370.96 billion yuan, an increase of 80.63%, annual accumulative total management entrusted assets more than 300 billion yuan, realize the trust operating income 54.96 million yuan, for the trustor create income 36.88 billion yuan.

A video conference needs

2010, for soon to professional asset management institution transformation, CSCL trust called Microsoft Office 2007     is welcomed by the whole world.

more efficient information communication way, need in internal construction more efficient information communication platform. Cnooc and trust the original video meeting already deployed hardware video conference because of hardware, but cannot on-demand increment point, Office 2007 makes life great!

upgrade update difficulties and other reasons, companies hope to another purchasing a set of software video conference, with hardware and use existing resources to obtain maximize.

Specific needs as follows:

(1) to implement multiple video communication;

(2) meet various data communications needs;

(3) network environment is center machine room 10 trillion optical broadband access, the venue ordinary broadband access;

(4) must be with the original hardware video conference the inter-communication.

A visual Seegle) video conference high (solution

(1) the system can also watch top 25 square hd video, support 20 people also speak clear and smooth, audio and video effects, ensure quality without delay experience; the meeting

(2) systems inline function rich data collaboration: sharing module, electronic board, screen Windows 7 make life wonderful!

sharing, file sharing, media player, online voting, and other functions, fully satisfy user data needs;

(3) system adopts advanced network decoding technology, has network adaptive ability, the requirements of network is not critical, CSCL trust existing network conditions can meet the application requirements;

(jinshan drug gangsters cloud security laboratory) recently released the latest security warning, Office 2007 download is helpful!

two weeks ago, a lied about "women will see" Trojan men through QQ group sharing time around a week, spreading infection of 10 million amount. Recently, this virus, is still upgrade again through QQ group of sharing, this is on a "QQ spread in the name of the plugin" region.based cheat QQ farms, QQ ranch users download. Jinshan drug gangsters security experts think, trojans disseminator use social engineering deception, spreading the virus has become a law again, often Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!


use group of sharing swap file of netizens appropriate to be more careful.