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2011-04-23 09:33


【 reading 】 Microsoft

Reporter: this regulation is inspired by XiaoZhiJun case, in critically ill an emergency situation, if no sign, medical staff if families considered necessary can perform surgery?

Written by Yang lixin: this and XiaoZhiJun in relationship, but not exactly as he begins there. Originally in drafting the tort liability law expert proposal draft, this provision. Is this kind of Office 2007 makes life great!

circumstance, so long as has the necessary, it is urgent to rescue the rescue when what is also need approval, hurriedly save will do.

Even if medical institutions have slight negligence is not stumble, because the rescue of human life matters. In this part of writing, and XiaoZhiJun case there is relation. Many people like Microsoft Office.


Reporter: we noticed that the provisions of the "can" with two words, the meaning of our legal general, does that mean medical institutions can do also can not do?

Written by Yang lixin: this may not necessarily as we understand that, as a medical institutions, this can actually contains certain mandatory, law already stipulated said you can, if not do, want to assume responsibility. Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!


Reporter: if the future after the law through, expression, so in judicial practice will cause different understanding?

Written by Yang lixin: I think if "should" like nor too bet, say "can" seems a little better. Say the situation is "can't", to work out according to come, take out to is supposed to do.

Keywords 5 accident liability

Car rental accident bear responsibility users Windows 7 make life wonderful!


【 regulation 】 the draft

For lease, borrow case such as vehicle owner and user not the same person, after motor vehicle traffic accident responsibility belongs to one by motor vehicle users assume liability to pay I love Office 2010 !

compensation. Motor vehicle everybody to damage is also at fault, and bear corresponding responsibility for compensation. Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.   


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Reporter: Beijing previously non-local household cannot be hanged license plate, generates a lot